Alliance war

Keep your shield up and defend your alliances honor! Do you see those fireballs? Maybe we will have own alliance dragons to attack our enemies? Now it looks like a WAR GAME!

Hero arena

Okay, so we can take our heroes in arena to battle? Hmm... I just wonder what will be the prizes from this? Or this just a new visual for attack/defense battle? Time will show and maybe even Gaeas would tell us.

World map boss!

Okay, this looks cool! So far I have, just this image from future world map boss. Two huge dragons are burning the troops and maybe cities also? Looking good. 

old news from hobbit kom

This was in Play Store today. We will be expecting lvl8 rare gems in future if this all is correct information from the Gaeas. And because this a prophet side, I will see that in future we will see Elite Gems after they have release out all rare gems first. 

If the rare lvl8 has +606.9%, then what will be our scores in future Elite CHS maps? Well more about that when my psychic skills has processed all the data. 🔮